Usage in non-Node.js Environments

The default build of vue-server-renderer assumes a Node.js environment, which makes it unusable in alternative JavaScript environments such as PHP V8Js (opens new window) or Oracle Nashorn (opens new window). In 2.5+ we have shipped a build in vue-server-renderer/basic.js that is largely environment-agnostic, which makes it usable in the environments mentioned above.

For both environments, it is necessary to first prepare the environment by mocking the global and process objects, with process.env.VUE_ENV set to "server", and process.env.NODE_ENV set to "development" or "production".

In Nashorn, it may also be necessary to provide a polyfill for Promise or setTimeout using Java's native timers.

Example usage in php-v8js:

$vue_source = file_get_contents('/path/to/vue.js');
$renderer_source = file_get_contents('/path/to/vue-server-renderer/basic.js');
$app_source = file_get_contents('/path/to/app.js');

$v8 = new V8Js();

$v8->executeString('var process = { env: { VUE_ENV: "server", NODE_ENV: "production" }}; = { process: process };');

// app.js
var vm = new Vue({
  template: `<div>{{ msg }}</div>`,
  data: {
    msg: 'hello'

// exposed by `vue-server-renderer/basic.js`
renderVueComponentToString(vm, (err, res) => {